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Back to the Past

Surviving for a century is no small achievement. Surviving the crash of 1929 is a milestone in itself.  Even during those dark days of the depression, we were active and working - a tribute to the strength of the company. 

We served our first client in 1919.  During the Second World War, we were awarded the contract to electrify Landing Craft for the Navy.  While it was a challenging assignment, it was one that we did very well. 

As the years rolled by, our business grew. Staff increased, facilities and equipment expanded. As the need for technical expertise increased, our people became more knowledgeable in the areas that were required for each job.  This is demonstrated through the licensing of our staff, as we have four Professional Engineers as well as three Master Electricians. We have also expanded to a fully integrated BIM department that performs clash detection, coordination, and phase modeling.

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